Family separations are an emotional and stressful process as is, so it’s important to have assets professionally valued to avoid the situation being exacerbated by disputes and disagreements. The way in which joint assets are divided is determined by the Family Law Act 1975 and property valuations from certified valuers act as important supporting documents.

The role of a valuer in family law is to assess the property and formulate a report estimating its market value. Usually, the most significant joint asset in question in relationship breakdowns is the family home, however valuations for joint businesses or other real estate may also be required. This information is then used by the court to reach a settlement, while also taking into account each party’s financial and non-financial contributions as well as future requirements.

In some circumstances, the valuer may even be called upon in court as an ‘expert witness’. In this process, the valuer is cross-examined and questioned about how the value was determined. It is critical to employ a valuer who is professional and experienced as these situations require a calm and focussed disposition in order to accurately communicate and successfully support their findings.

Our team understands the emotional trauma that many people experience during this difficult time and we work empathetically to value all matrimonial assets. In addition to this, our valuers are highly experienced and understand the expectations of the courts.

If you are experiencing a relationship breakdown, contact us to accurately value your assets and help ensure you receive your fair entitlements during settlement.

At Hymans, we are proud to maintain an impeccable record of success when it comes to contributions in family law matters. Since our inception, our clients have never lost a case where our valuation has been relied upon as the primary source of evidence.

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