Whether you’re preparing for lease or sale, it’s a good idea to increase your property’s value as much as possible to ensure you get the highest return. The good news is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We have five top tips to easily increase your property’s value:

First Impressions Matter

The front yard and exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer or tenant sees; so, it’s important to make it count. Revitalising the fence and roof, manicuring the garden or adding outdoor lighting are simple ways to make a big difference.

Add A Lick of Paint

Paint is possibly the easiest way to drastically change the appearance of a room. Whether it’s to inject a more modern colour or repair an old paint job, paint is a quick and cost-effective way you can add value to your property.

The Wet Areas and Kitchen

According to First State Community Bank, a kitchen or bathroom remodel “can offer a 100 per cent or greater return on your investment.” However, full renovations are not always required; thoroughly clean, new fittings and fixtures are enough to make a profound improvement in many cases.

Size Matters

If you can’t make the property bigger, make it feel bigger. Adding a light colour palette, floor to ceiling drapes and increased lighting fixtures all add to how big space feels. Also remove clutter and over furnishing so that the full size of each room can be appreciated.

Clean Clean Clean!

And we mean *squeaky* clean. Getting into all those hard-to-reach areas like window and door tracks and around bathroom fixtures make a property look like new, which is incredibly appealing to the market.

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